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The MAI's Top Priority for Pupils is Progressive Results. We know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns, friends, and partnerships. We aim to build physically, psychologically, intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

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Fencing is an Original Olympic Sport that develops overall mental, physical, and social health. Fencing develops strength, agility, speed, balance, endurance, flexibility, coordination, cognitive thought, perspective, attention-span, concentration, resilience and self-control.

Fun.    Fencing is Fun and Culturally Rich. It's fun to play Three Musketeers and Zorro and more important to know that they are African stories and that Africans invented fencing.

Safe.    The National Athletic Trainer’s Association says fencing is the only physical sport with about zero risk of injury. Fencers keep the entire body covered, which helps defend against germs and respects religious dress codes.

Respect and Coordination.   Salute with respect as body and sword coordinate into a single thought, TO STAY ALIVE.

Fencing is Co-ed.    Fencing is a NCAA sport with a combined men’s/women’s team title.


College.    Fencing is a great way to help pay for college no matter what skill level. You just have to show up and practice/have fun.

Jean-Louis Michel_The Moorish American Institute_STEM_CS_Videography Service_Filmmakers_Ch

The man in the above image is Jean-Louis Michel, an American Moor and The Father of French Fencing, b. 1785.

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Capturing All There Is, CATI, is a filmmaking approach to escaping poverty and achieving and maintaining psychological peace and well-being. CATI includes instruction in cameras, sound systems, editing software, and lights, as well as examing movies in order to examine morals and social resolutions.


Chess is fun and also a great starting point and tool for eduction, life lessons, and mentoring. 

Through chess we learn that fundamentals are foundational and that with a strong foundation, we can build anything, including our minds, bodies, and social lives. Chess teaches that s/he who plans and strategizes develops a vision one step at a time, that a plan’s strength and success involves several cooperating elements and not loners, and that goals are accomplished not all at once, but a little at a time.

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Greatest Of All TimeS, GOATS for short, is a boxing program that teaches business, college preparation, and social skills through boxing.

Not all of our boxers spar. Most important is being on time, following mentors, and doing what’s needed. We are geared to produce trainers, coaches, and business-minded people. GOATS provides tutors for math, science, English language, Spanish language, reading, writing, composition, and advanced learning.

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MAI’s umbrella writing program, I Am A Writer, IAAW,  includes writing for movies, television, and novels and are designed to create thinkers who are able to design stories, describe situations, articulate ideas and concepts through written words, as well as to prepare for higher education, no matter how high. Because we partner with filmmakers, one great thing with MAI’s writing program is that MAI students are likely to not only see their stories on a big-screen, but within their first, or second terms. IAAW Motto is:  I create worlds with nothing more than a pencil and a thought.

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